Power open power close zone damper
A single blade round damper with a (2) two position, 24 volt motor. The motor is powered both ways – powered open and powered closed. The motor features LED’s that indicate the position of the motor whether open or closed. The LED’s are colored RED for closed and GREEN for open. These indictors are a failsafe measure meaning that they will not illuminate until the blade of the damper has gone to its full open or full closed position. The motor is a 3 wire hook-up with a common, a power open leg and a power closed leg.
Part # Item Name
260-0210 EWC URD 6" Motorized Zone Damper
260-0215 EWC URD 8" Motorized Zone Damper
260-0220 EWC URD 10" Motorized Zone Damper
260-0225 EWC URD 12" Motorized Zone Damper
260-0230 EWC URD 14" Motorized Zone Damper
260-0235 EWC URD 16" Motorized Zone Damper