Pleated Filters

Low initial resistance Mechanical efficiency – does not rely on electret charge technology Self-supporting DuraFlex® media made from virgin fiber; no wire support needed Consistent media with controlled fiber size and blend Environmentally friendly – no metal, fully incinerable Available in 1", 2", and 4" models MERV 8
Part # Item Name Depth Width Height
200-0210 Pleated Filter 14"x20"x1" 1in. 20in. 14in.
200-0215 Pleated Filter 14"x25"x1" 1in. 25in. 14in.
200-0220 Pleated Filter 16"x20"x1" 1in. 20in. 16in.
200-0225 Pleated Filter 16"x25"x1" 1in. 25in. 16in.
200-0240 Pleated Filter 20"x20"x1" 1in. 20in. 20in.
200-0245 Pleated Filter 20"x25"x1" 1in. 25in. 20in.
200-0310 Pleated Filter 16"x20"x2" 2in. 20in. 16in.
200-0315 Pleated Filter 16"x25"x2" 2in. 25in. 16in.
200-0320 Pleated Filter 20"x20"x2" 2in. 20in. 20in.
200-0325 Pleated Filter 20x25"x2" 2in. 25in. 20in.
200-0520 Pleated Filter 16"x25"x4-3/8" 4-3/8in. 25in. 16in.
200-0540 Pleated Filter 20"x25"x4-3/8" 4-3/8in. 25in. 20in.